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Reme Beauty is founded on the principles of equality and inclusivity. As a team, we strive to lead by example and disrupt industry norms. We champion inclusivity at every level and support minority groups wherever possible at each stage of product development. Now, we aren’t perfect, but we do our best every single day to keep learning and do the best we can with the tools and knowledge we’ve got at the time.  

In an effort to amplify the voices of those who have been suppressed for way way too long, we’re starting conversations. To say we’re obsessed with the ever-so-fabulous, EJ (@ejnonbinary) a Filipino non-binary Makeup Artist out of Naarm/Melbourne would be an understatement. So, when we had the chance to collaborate with EJ for our launch, we jumped at the chance as we felt they aligned so deeply with our core values - watch the video!



Name: EJ

Pronouns: They/them

TikTok: @ejnonbinary

Occupation: Makeup Artist + Content Creator

Location: Naarm/Melbourne

Age: 25

Skin Concerns: I’m actually not too concerned about my skin!
              *EDITORS NOTE: Yaaaaas we love this energy

Life Motto: Don’t take it too seriously and have fun



What would be your best piece of advice to those still discovering themselves?

Take it slow, don’t put to much pressure on yourself, listen to good self-help content online and if you can, get yourself to therapy

Tell us about your skin journey:

When I was a teenager, I dealt with some pretty severe acne. When I turned 18 it started to dissipate, but I was left with acne scarring, because of my teenage acne, I knew how to take care of my skin better. My motto around skin is to accept what you have, acne scarring and all, but also to take care of it. A lot of people comment on my social media videos saying that they appreciate that I show my skin “flaws”, and I take that to heart. “Flaws” are ok, and it shouldn’t affect the quality of your life!

What is your current skincare routine?

AM - Cleanse face, moisturise and sunscreen if I leave the house. Pretty simple and straightforward!

PM - Cleanse my face with a milk cleanser, if I’m wearing makeup, I double cleanse (recently with the Reme G-hydra gel cleanser), liquid exfoliate (only a couple of times a week), Vitamin C cream and moisturise!

What embracing individuality means to you?

It means expressing how you feel on the inside as truthfully as you can! 

How did you discover your love for makeup and fashion?

I discovered my love for makeup right after I discovered RuPaul's Drag Race. The makeup artistry of the drag performers inspired me to start transforming my own face. Soon after, I began studying makeup artistry, and I am now working at a photography studio, making up models! 

As someone outside of the LGBTQIA+ community, what’s your best advice for being an ally?

My advice would be to do research online (there is so much great information out there)  and listen to and amplify LGBTQIA+ voices! 

Things you’ve been loving: 

Music - I love a whole range of music, but recently, of course, the Renaissance Beyoncé album!

Makeup - I love a graphic/bold eye with immaculate medium-coverage skin/foundation! 
    Places - Melbourne/Naarm (I just moved here, and I’ve been loving it!
    As a community, we open our hearts to every individual, regardless of identity, expression or ability. We're working to raise the representation of skin tones, textures, facial/bodily features, hair types/textures, gender expressions, and physical abilities in an intentional and honourable way. 
    For all, for everyone. 
    We’re always looking to learn and grow to do better. So, if you have any feedback on how we can do this, get in touch! DM us or email and our team with happily take on your feedback.

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