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NEW How My Non-Needy Skin Benefits From Custom

NEW How My Non-Needy Skin Benefits From Custom

Let me get the annoying statement out of the way first– my skin has never caused me issues. A bit of oil around my nose and the occasional pimple has been the worst of it. (Before you close out of this article out of annoyance– would it help if I told you I have thin, lifeless hair? Give me the skin thing, please.) 

My mom’s skin has always been the same way, and this genetic luxury has allowed us to get away with the most minimal skincare. I’m talking hand soap and vaseline ‘minimalism’. A whats-on-sale-at-Bed-Bath-And-Beyond kind of regimen. My previous roommates actually screamed when they realized I used our shared bathroom-sink soap on my face at night. Then, I landed a job at Function and was whisked away into this world of thoughtful, custom, clean ingredient-focused care that I had never even batted an eye at before because of my upbringing and my lack of ‘needing’ to upgrade my routine. My new job and my Instagram feed’s growing focus on self care got me excited to become one of those girls with a ritual. I thought, “this seems nice.” Little did I know it would actually push my already-fine skin towards greatness. Here’s my experience with custom skincare. 

My first time

I want to keep this about my skin so I won’t get into the jaw-dropping experience that was my unboxing but– a girl wasn’t in Kansas (my local pharmacy) anymore. Cut to using my cleanser, serum, and moisturizer fresh out of the box. 

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